Samuel Galli’s Brazilian entry into horror’s canon, OUR EVIL, reaches North American shores at the 15th edition of the New York City Horror Film Festival, Oct 26-29, 2017, at Chelsea’s Cinepolis Cinema. Galli’s debut film has elicited strong response, with the Hollywood News crowning the feature “An impressive debut from the Brazilian director and one which lingers on the mind for quite some time,” while HorrorTalk remarks the film’s “Samuel Galli’s Brazilian debut feature is inherently unnerving from the very first bar of the oscillating synth that scores the opening frames.”

In the seedy underbelly of San Paolo, a spiritualist desperately searches for a hit man to protect his daughter from a demonic entity in this unique crime thriller with elements of neo noir, taking cues from films such as BLOOD SIMPLE and extreme shockers like HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and I SAW THE DEVIL An ambitious and brutal directorial debut from newcomer Samuel Galli evoking the shock of THE SIXTH SENSE and THE EXORCIST.

OUR EVIL world premiered as an Official Selection of the Moscow Film Festival then grabbed audiences at Marche du Film Cannes, the 50th edition of the Sitges Film Festival, FrightFest, the Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Dublin Horrorthon, and was the winner for Best Latin American film at the Macabro Film Festival. The film receives its Stateside premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival on Saturday, Oct 28.

Galil’s exploration into the tale’s dark world garnered further praise from Screen Daily as “a genuinely original horror movie that proves unpredictable, provocative, affecting and creepy. A break-out cult hit with discerning fright fans already proven willing to embrace the subtitled likes of MARTYRS, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN or UNDER THE SHADOW.”

The 15th New York City Horror Film Festival, Oct 26-29, also includes the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award for actor Brad Dourif, the premiere of the Dylan Sprouse starrer DISMISSED, HOSTILE starring Javier Botet from Stephen King’s IT, and much more! Full details at

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