“SUMMERLAND” Teaser Premiere

CAT 4 Collective presents Sugar Hell Production’s “SUMMERLAND”
Plot: A young adult is fascinated on how the media creates celebrities out of serial killers. After debating, the soon to be killer decides that this is the way to become famous. A year later the film takes place, wearing a ski mask, a bomber jacket & a sadistic and unique way of torturing his victims, you are thrown into the world of murders and chaos, as the killer stalks and kidnaps his latest victim, you take a peek into his mind a realize how delusional and sick he has become.
Directed by A. Baez
Starring Lilith Singson, Delaiah Hastie & Carissa Carlberg
Director of Photography Shane Ryan
Produced by Sam Hel, Shane Ryan & A. Baez
Written by Sam Hel & Alexis Rousseau 
The film is scheduled to be released on DVD along side Director/Writer Alexis Rousseau’s first film “The Devil in Me”. The first edition DVD will be released directly from Sugar Hell Productions arthouse (links below). The first limited edition release only 100 copies.
 The films first release will contain:
  • Behind the scenes of “Summerland” w/ commentary by Director A. Baez
  • Trailers to “The Devil in Me” & “Summerland” & soon to be released anthology “Neophyte: An Arthouse Disaster”
  • CAT 4 Collective’s Photography 
  • First 50 copies come signed by (A. Baez & possible others)
You can become an associate producer on A. Baez’s “SUMMERLAND” and help the film along on its limited edition DVD journey by clicking here:
You reserve your copy of “The Devil in Me” & “Summerland” by clicking here:
Sugar Hell Productions donates a portion of all sales to those in need (ex. disease research, homeless).

Written by Blacktooth

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