Where Are They Now? : Deanna Lund

This Christmas, Remember Her For The Gift of Elves.

Born in the state of Illinois in 1937, Deanna Lund would eventually become one of the most beautiful women in science fiction. Her career as an actress started at the age of 26, when she landed the role of Peggy Lowell on “General Hospital” in 1963. She’d go on to see cameos in drama The Oscar (1966), Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966) and Spinout (1966) with Elvis Presley, but it was her horror and science fiction roles that earned her worldwide attention. She was first seen in the supporting role of Jessica Honey Blood in Sting of Death (1965) before landing very small roles in scifi features like Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine (1965), Dimension 5 (1966) and Panic in the City (1968). During this time, she also made guest appearances on hit television shows including “My Brother the Angel,” “Burke’s Law,” “The Road West,” “Incredible Hulk,” and a two episode arc on “Batman” in 1967.

These achievements caught the eye of a casting director and Deanna Lund earned the role of Valerie Scott in scifi’s “Land of the Giants.” Here, Deanna co-starred in 51 episodes from 1968 to 1970. This is her biggest claim to fame to date. She continued to act and explore different genres, but nothing proved popular until she was featured in crime-drama Stick (1985). So, she returned to the genre that made her a star and quickly landed small roles in horror movies like Superstition 2 (1989), Transylvania Twist (1989), Elves (1989), Roots of Evil (1992) and psychological drama Obsessed (1992). Then, due to reasons unbeknownst to many, she left the world of acting behind. However, it wouldn’t be long until she returned to this career in a new decade.

So, where is Deanna Lund now?

While taking a break from acting, she co-authored a novel titled Valerie in Giantland, which served as a canonical continuation of the “Land of the Giants” series set 10 years in the future. The novel is currently out of print and unavailable, but it can be found on Ebay. In 2001, after a 9 year hiatus, Deanna briefly returned to acting with a small role in action-drama Extreme Honor (2001). She retired again, before returning for a second time in a MDR Vital Factors commercial in 2010. Her second comeback was more exciting, and she managed to nab a supporting role in action-comedy Boned (2015) and a small role in Foxxx David (2017). Currently, she can be found making public appearances, doing interviews, and being held as a guest at various conventions around the country.

Written by MGDSQUAN

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