Christian Ackerman & FastCoast Productions Premiere Slasher Flick ‘Karpenter’ on YouTube!


While it’s always great to make a couple bucks back on your hard work, some independent film-makers are in the business for the thrill of having a large audience view their work. That’s why Christian Ackerman and FastCoast Productions premiered their latest feature film, Karpenter, on YouTube for free. That’s right – for free. If 80’s and 90’s inspired slasher flicks are your thing, there’s literally no reason for you not to give this new movie a look over.

Karpenter was written in two days, shot in 17 days, and produced with little to no budget. Writer/director Christian Ackerman is already known for titles including Zombie Spoof and Terror Vortex, but this time around he wanted to see how fast he could shoot a movie. Karpenter is the direct result of that time crunch, and it stars Tim Nydell, Lydia Jessop, D.J. Sherwood, Will Ponder, Don Earl, Becky Nydell and Danielle Ackerman.

Glancing over the film to give an opinion, I have to say that it’s not bad at all considering what the production team had to work with. It’s actually better than some independent titles shot on a slightly larger budget and with more time. That says something, right?

Watch Karpenter below and support independent horror!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)