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Conrad Faraj Unleashes ‘The Colours of Desire’ on February 27th. New Poster, Stills and Trailer Inside!

The Mad Hatter Would Be So Proud…

You’ve been yearning for it, and now Conrad Faraj’s satirical, spectacular, film-noir styled thriller is coming to Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand. Clever mixing old school duels, gory cannibalism, fantastical magic and a thin layer of all things bizarre, The Colours of Desire sees release on February 27, 2018 via Faraj’s new distribution company and magazine: Film & Fashion. If you’re a lover of true cinema, but you still want to hold a physical copy of the movie – fear not. The Colours of Desire has a forthcoming DVD release scheduled for later this year.

Written and directed by Faraj, The Colours of Desire is a tale of the macabre and the absurd, where life is seemingly perfect and the impossible is at close reach. Vantser (Nick Earl), a lonely vagabond who stumbles upon a dead body, summons a powerful body-collector named Termas (Roger Conners), who has magical gifts and unearthly visions. After their brief encounter, Termas recruits Vantser for a grisly mission in exchange for a life-altering wish.

The film stars Nick Earl, Roger Conners, Megan King, Rachel Anderson, Aron Long, Steven Farris, Richard T Phillis, John Maslowski, Anthony Jamison II, Brianna Burke, Laura Allen, Logan Fry, Logan Roberts and Jim Strang.

In anticipation of the film’s upcoming release, Conrad is debuting the final and official poster for The Colours of Desire exclusively here at Find it below, and then be sure to pre-order the film here:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)