Women in Horror: Diandra Lazor

Diandra is a Woman I have yet to meet, But I am in awe of her talent and her devotion to the character, Nancy Thompson. She has become one to watch out for in the world of Horror! Watch out Freddy! I just had to ask her a few questions!

Diandra Lazor
Host: Elm Street Radio
Actress: Dont Fall Asleep as Nancy Thompson, The Watcher of Park Ave (Voice Over)
Executive Producer: Fredheads
Instagram: SassySledgehammer

Interview by: Ryan Burton

1. Nancy Thompson: When did your love for the character begin?

I became a Nightmare fan a little later than most, and in the most ironic way: through a dream. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in high school when I had a very vivid Freddy dream. When I woke up, I couldn’t wait to get home to rent the Nightmare films.

After I made my way through the later films (the not-so-scary ones, because I was a chicken), I decided to check out the original Nightmare. I had seen a few clips over the years, but never the movie all the way through. As soon as I saw Nancy, I immediately connected. She was a lot like me – the girl next door with poofy brown hair.

I watched this seemingly normal girl set booby traps, do decide to face her fears, do what she had to to, stand up to a monster and fight. It was awe-inspiring. The rest is a very detailed, life-changing history.

2. Which traits of hers do you admire most?

Nancy has a lot of traits I admire. Some I share, and others that inspire me. This is a very tough question. When it comes to Nancy Thompson, this is a common answer, but for a good reason: Nancy’s strength.

Unlike some of the later characters, Nancy doesn’t have a superpower. Her weapon isn’t anything that only exists in a dream, it is a part of her, and that is her strength. She’s the girl you probably knew in high school, but with more fire than appears on the surface. She was alone. She lost everyone around her and her life drastically changed. But did Nancy sit around and mope? Did she let her fear consume her? No. She had fear, but it’s what she did even with it that makes her courage so admirable. Nancy’s spirit is nothing short of amazing.

Nancy proves to us that we can be strong. Us. No superpowers needed. We have the power as everyday people to fight against evils and stand up for what is right.

3. Were you nervous about stepping into the role for Don’t Fall Asleep? How do you feel about your performance?

I was terribly nervous, almost sick to my stomach. For years I had been “the Nancy girl.” The poster child for Nancy fandom. People understood how much I love her and how much I know about the character. There was pressure. I kept thinking “What if I don’t do her justice? What if it appears I really don’t know Nancy after all?”

There was a compelling story that had been put together in Don’t Fall Asleep, that I not only wanted to illustrate that story well, but also to have the audience see Nancy and believe the story.

What happens to her between the first and third films is a story about growing up and finding your destiny. In all honesty, Nancy is quite different in the first film versus the third. The audience had to see that journey.

And really, I wanted them to see Nancy. Not Diandra. People had seen me as various versions of Nancy for years. I didn’t want them to see Diandra the cosplayer as Nancy. Nor did I want them to see Diandra as Heather’s Nancy. I wanted them to see Nancy.

I’m my worst critic so there are areas where I cringe. The reviews have been very positive though. I like to think my portrayal is more that than Diandra as Heather’s Nancy. Which is ironic since Heather voiced Nancy from beyond the grave for the film.

4. Fredheads: This is an amazing opportunity to showcase the diverse, eclectic fans of the franchise. How has the experience of Executive Producer been for you?

I’ve been enthusiastically seeking out fellow FredHeads and listening to their stories since I first began networking online. It started in February 2008, I think, on the forums for the Nightmare Companion. That’s where Paige, the director, and I met!

I’m very passionate about how films change people’s lives and it’s all exploding with FredHeads! It’s amazing to be able to hear stories from all over the world, and continue connecting with fellow fans. Hearing them say “I’m a FredHead” loud and proud makes me and every member of the team want to cheer.

The film is being made by fans, for fans. All of us on the team have our personal backstory and we’re finding out what everyone has to say about A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy and, of course, Nancy! There are moments of laughter and moments of tears. What A Nightmare on Elm Street has created is an absolute phenomenon. Exploring it, even as a passionate fan, is eye-opening.

Nightmare fans are unlike any other fandom. I’ll admit, I don’t know how involved or passionate fandoms are for the other big horror franchises, but in my experience, Nightmare fans are something really special. The best description I’ve heard of us comes from fellow teammate, Mark Glinka, who says we’re like “rock fans” who treat Nightmare like our favorite rock band.

5. With the return of Jamie Lee Curtis in the upcoming Halloween, how would you feel if Heather Langenkamp revisited Nancy in a New Elm Street? What would you like to see happen with the character?

Well, she did in Don’t Fall Asleep! Not on screen, but she voiced Nancy from beyond the grave. That was an honor to have her involved.

I would really like to see Heather return as Nancy. I know she has expressed interest. I think taking what the comic books did with Nancy and incorporating that into the film would make for an excellent story. It’s essentially what we did for Don’t Fall Asleep.

Nancy could be the dream equivalent to Freddy, protecting dreamers, fighting him and providing advice to them. It’s an injustice to the character that, after part 3 and not counting New Nightmare, she just disappeared. The tombstone nod in part 4 doesn’t count. She has such potential to make an impact as a guardian and I think it would be a welcome return. The comics had it right. And, hey, some of them are considered canon so why not bring them to life?

If not in a film, it would be great to have Heather voice Nancy in a Nightmare video game that has her doing essentially the same thing. Fingers crossed! Long live Nancy Thompson.

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!