S.S. Wilson Classic ‘Recorded Live’ Gets Independent Remake. Watch Inside!

More than a decade before he was known for Tremors 1 – 4 and Short Circuit 1 – 2, writer/director S.S. Wilson was a film school student looking to do something out of the ordinary. What resulted was a 1975 horror-comedy short titled Recorded Live, which follows a young man going to a job interview at a television studio, only to find videotape reels have come to life and are murdering people in the building. For years it went under-appreciated, until HBO started screening it in the early 80’s in between feature films to take up space.

Luckily, these small screenings caught the attention of independent film-maker John Pickle, who vividly remembers watching Recorded Live as a young man. The images he saw from S.S. Wilson have stuck with him throughout his career, and now he’s paying homage to the film that inspired him with The Return of the Flesh Eating Film Reels. A close remake to the original, The Return of the Flesh Eating Film Reels is directed and edited by Pickle, and stars Christopher Woodsy Smith.

Watch the remake below!

Thanks to Duke Raoul for getting this across my desk.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)