Final Marco Navas Dracula Figures Go on Sale.

Marco Navas is pleased to announce that he is providing the last delivery of the Dracula collection, on this occasion the protagonists are The Zingaro Guardian of the Coffin and The Dracula Castle Showcase, as recreations in miniature form from the most famous horror novel ever written. A numbered limited edition collection featuring the mythic characters created by Bram Stoker. Thank you to all the followers for their interest in this collection, without you, this project would not have gone ahead.

Available Collection Packs:

7º Issue:  Zingaro guardian of the coffin 45€ & The Dracula Castle Showcase 60€: Measures Dracula Castle Showcae: 40cm H X 30cm W X6cm F.

6º Issue:  Count Dracula & his third bride

5º Issue:  The brides of Dracula

4º Issue:  Lucy &Van Helsing

3º Issue:  Arthur Holmwood & Quincey Morris

2º Issue:  John Seward Dr & Renfield

1º Issue Jonhatan & Mina Harker

Collection Features:

A total of 12 figures, over 6 monthly deliveries or 2 figures/monthly deliveries

-The final delivery  will include a custom made display case of the Transylvania Count’s castle

– Figures size approximately 7 cm

– Handcrafted in resin

– Individually painted by hand

– A limited and numbered edition of 100 sets

– Includes Certificate of Authenticity

– Single Figure particular customer Price – 35 € – Pack of 2 figure  for particular customer Price 65€


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)