Lilith Returns in ‘But Deliver Us From Evil.’ On Digital Platforms March 20th.

But Deliver Us From Evil
“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned!”

West Hollywood, California (Wednesday, March 14th, 2018) – Indican Pictures will release Joshua Coates’ But Deliver Us from Evil this March. The film is a 20/10 Visions Entertainment production. In the film, Lilith returns to the world. After being thrown out of the Garden of Eden, she looks to take revenge on God by killing his followers. No one is safe in this exciting thriller. But Deliver Us from Evil stars Eric Roberts (The Expendables), Grant Harvey (Thumper), Alice Rose and many more. A digital release for the film is coming later this month!

The recently released trailer focuses on a female serial killer. Set in Atlanta, the victims are mostly religious leaders. But, this is no ordinary killer. Possibly a demon, this nightstalker hides in the shadows, targeting those in the religious community.

But Deliver Us from Evil will show on several digital hosting platforms this March 20th. This supernatural thriller will show on Amazon on this date. And, But Deliver Us from Evil takes an ancient story and modernizes it for a new audience. Film fans can see this retelling on the legend of Lilith in just a few days.

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