Goth Rockstar Seraphim of Nazareth Returns with New Single & Album.


Dark Wave Font Woman Is Soon to Release “You Wanna Fuck a Rockstar”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Goth and dark wave music fans have followed her historic career for over a decade. She is known by numerous stage names from Sariah Bishop to Yolanda Gene Tharpe to Seraphim Aun Weor, but today she is most commonly known as Seraphim of Nazareth. After the success of her last single, “You Never Loved Me”, Seraphim is returning to her roots of the queen of dark wave music. Seraphim announced today that she will be release a new album this May entitled “You Wanna Fuck a Rockstar?”.

The new album will be Seraphim’s return to her dark roots. Her new photo shoot displays Seraphim in a sexy blood-covered look that has her fans buzzing with anticipation. “You Wanna Fuck a Rockstar?” will deliver the songs that made Seraphim of Nazareth a household name in the late 2000’s. The album will kick off with a continuum single release by the same name.

“My message is in the lyrics”, says Seraphim. “I have never been more excited or worked so hard on an album in my entire career”. This statement is ringing true with lyrics like “We request your ritual sacrifice, we promise no one will tell, 12 pieces on a dice.. yeah I think you know it well” and her most notable verse which states, “Rockstar music is my music… How about a little black magic a little voodoo, I’m that Creole child who can do it for you?”.

Seraphim’s notoriety began from her dating rock stars such as Madonna Wayne Gacy aka “Pogo” (Marilyn Manson) and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Soon she was featured in countless music magazines including HM (Heaven’s Metal Magazine), Gothic Beauty, Dark Realms Magazine, and All Access Magazine, just to name a few.

“You Wanna Fuck a Rockstar” will be released under Seraphim’s Independent Label Sin Icon Records this April. The single and album will be available for download on iTunes, Spotify, and every other major digital platform. To learn more about Seraphim of Nazareth including music, photos, media, and appearances, visit

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)