Tromatic Thursday – Bride of Killer Nerd

Director(s) -Mark Steven Bosko (Pig, Girlfriend) and Wayne Alan Harold (Genuine Nerd, Townies)
Starring – Toby Radloff (American Splendor, Killer Nerd), Heidi Lohr (Killer Nerd), and Kathleen Hogan (Sleepy Hollow, Scream: The TV Series)
Release Date – 1992
Rating – 3/5

Another Thursday is upon us so its time for another Troma flick.  Two weeks ago I watched Killer Nerd which starts MTV’s Toby Radloff.  I had watched his segments growing up on VHS and absolutely loved them.  When I heard he was going to be attending Cinema Wasteland I decided it was time to review Killer Nerd before meeting him and director Wayne Alan Harold.  I have hundreds of Troma flicks to pick from to review but after watching and review the first Killer Nerdfilm it only made sense to follow that up with the sequel Bride of Killer Nerd which is a double feature with the original film from Troma.

**Spoiler Alert**The film picks up after the events in the first film.  Harold has moved to escape his demons but is still haunted by those he killed in the first film until he meets another tortured soul.  Thelma is a high school student who is often the butt of her classmate’s jokes much like Harold was in the first film.  One day her tormentors are caught in the act and punished.  They vow revenge and invite Thelma and Harold to a party where they get Harold drunk and give Thelma a “makeover.”  This sets Thelma over the edge and after hearing Harold mention the murders in his sleep she sets out to kill all those that made her life hell.**Spoiler Alert**

I enjoyed the first film.  It lacked on the horror until the ending but is a fun watch overall.  Most sequels are turds and I wasn’t expecting a lot from Bride of Killer Nerd but the film was actually entertaining and works great as a sequel.

The acting in this one is more of what was seen in the first film.  Radloff is just being himself while spitting out his lines.  Not much acting going on but it is still fun to watch the genuine nerd on camera.  Heie Lohr takes on duel roles returning as her character in the first film and the new Thelma character.  I liked her in both films but she is able to dial it up with Thelma and deliver a fun performance.  The supporting cast is solid as well even though most have no experience on screen.

The story for this one is more of the first film but with a romantic flare.  The first film unfolds like a quirky drama and unleashes the horror in the last portion of the film.  This film tosses in several horror elements at the very beginning which I really enjoyed.  I also liked how batshit crazy the Thelma character is.  I really enjoyed the characters and settings for this film while the story had some additional elements tossed in to make it feel different.

Finally, the film has several on screen kills.  The kills are not memorable but the effects are.  I really enjoyed how over the top the effects are.  True S.O.V. fashion.  Overall, Bride of Killer Nerd is a worthy follow up to Killer Nerd.  Fans of no budget horror and S.O.V. need to check it out.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.