Tromatic Thursday – Killer Condom (Review)

The rubber that rubs you out

Director – Martin Walz (Apokalypse Pink, Journey’s End)
Starring – Udo Samel (Life Guidance, Goodbye Berlin), Peter Lohmeyer (Heidi, The Other Boy), and Iris Berben (High Society, Years of Love)
Release Date – 1996
Rating – 4/5

Those that know me outside of Horror Society know that I always watch movies.  I try to do one a day but sometimes I’m able to work more in and others I only get to watch a few minutes of one before finishing it later.  The last week or so I’ve been watching the Puppet Master Toulon Trunk Set which consists of 11 films.  After a week of watching Pinhead, Blade, Tunneler, and company wreak havoc on Nazis I was ready to mix it up a bit.

With Thursday quickly approaching I decided it was time to dive deep into the world of Troma.  Last week I watched Cars 3 for the first time.  I loved it and it really made me excited for Tromatic Thursdays.  This week I wanted something just as unique and went through my collection until a title stood out.  Killer Condom was going on the chopping block this week.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a gay detective who just finished a case where an underage girl bit the dick of her professor off in a seedy motel known as the Quickie.  He goes there after work where he meets a male prostitute named Billy and the two get a room.  The city of New York has a safe sex program and gives out free condoms.  The detective gets one but Billy prefers a different brand resulting in the free condom falling on the ground.  The condom then becomes alive and bites the detective on his nethers resulting in a personal vendetta to get to the bottom of the cock munching menace.**Spoiler Alert**

I had always heard great things about Killer Condom but I never actually took the time to watch it.  I had bought the DVD years ago on amazon for just a few dollars which was well worth it to me for any Troma flick.  I can see why a lot of people don’t talk about this film like other Troma releases but I absolutely loved it.

The acting in this one is great.  Udo Samel is fantastic as Luigi.  His rugged appearance and emotionless stare made his detective character so much fun to watch.  Making him gay broke the stereotype for this type of character which really made it fun.  His performance is nothing outlandish or remarkable but he makes the story work.  The supporting cast is great as well but they don’t stand out like Samel.

The story for this one is fun and actually pretty serious in tone when you consider the subject.  Killer condoms sounds like an outlandish story but it actually works.  The story is very well written and plays like your typical creature feature with a little science running amok with it.  It has plenty of sleaze and fun for the horror and exploitation fan.

Finally, this isn’t a blood flick but we do have some uncomfortable moments.  The film has several severed penis’ and blood but the condoms are the film’s high point.  I loved the way they looked.  Overall, Killer Condoms may not be the most thought provoking film but god damn it is fun.  Check it out.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.