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SyFy Cancels ‘Face Off’ After 13 Seasons.

TV Inside confirmed on Tuesday, May 2nd 2018, that SyFy has cancelled its hit reality television series, Face Off, and its final season will begin airing on Tuesday, June 5th 2018. This comes as a surprise to many viewers, considering Face Off is the network’s third most popular show following Z Nation and The Magicians. Despite it being on the air since 2011, and sometimes blasting out two seasons per year, Face Off still managed to average 624,000 live viewers in its previous season that concluded in August of 2017. While I understand that Face Off is past its prime, I didn’t think it would get the ax so soon because it’s so cheap to produce. Minus the judging panel, hosts, and surprise guests, the show is almost entirely filmed inside a warehouse, which cuts down on production costs tremendously. Even limiting last season to 10 episodes instead of 14 was a terrific way to save money. But, alas, SyFy is over its former flagship series.

Face Off’s last season, number 13, is going to see returning favorites fight to the finish with their killer concepts in a ‘Battle Royale.’ I don’t know how I feel about another All-Star season, especially when the show’s greatest strength was always highlight undiscovered make-up artists and special effects creators. I think the best way for the show to go out is just the way it came in. The final season is scheduled to begin on June 5th 2018, and it does seem like an era is ending on SyFy. However, dedicated fans and members of the series are fighting to have the show renewed; taking to social media to share hashtags and petitions in hopes of getting one or more seasons of Face Off. The show certainly can’t go on forever, but is 2018 the right time to end it? All is not lost, but I do worry for the show’s future. Should it go off the air entirely, I’d miss seeing McKenzie Westmore and Ve Neill on my television every year.

Do you want to see Face Off renewed for another season? Sign the petition below and let your voice be heard.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)