I Dared You: Truth or Dare 5 (Review)

Its time to play. Again

Director(s) – Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare?:A Critical Madness, Killing Spree) and Scott Tepperman (Nightblade, Magnetic Highway)
Starring – Scott Tepperman, Joel D. Wynkoop (Crackbaby Billionaire, Make Them Die Sleazy!), and Jim O’Rear (Volumes of Blood, Teen Wolf)
Release Date – 2018
Rating – 3/5

When I was in college I started collected S.O.V. horror flicks.  Camp Motion Pictures was releasing several on DVD and this started the trend.  Soon several other companies was on the hunt for “lost” S.O.V. flicks.  One name kept popping up when I would research these films and that was Tim Ritter.

His 1985/1986 film Truth or Dare? is what many consider to be the prime example of S.O.V. horror with Ritter making a name for himself creating S.O.V. horror.  His Truth or Dare film spawned a series of films with the most recent hitting DVD in March.  This installment was directed by Ritter and Scott Tepperman and released by Gatorblade Films.  Sean Donohue of Gatorblade reached out to me to review the film. Thank you Sean!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Hackman (Tepperman) who was locked away but is released from the asylum under false pretenses that he is rehabilitated.  He immediately starts murdering again when he kills a hooker and then turns to the site truth or dare which is dedicated to the killer spree of Mike Strauber.  The website is home to several serial killers with aspirations of becoming the next Strauber. Now Hackman has a bloody plan in mind and sets out to increase his body count.**Spoiler Alert**

I liked the first Truth or Dare? for what it was worth.  The film had its share of problems and plot holes but I enjoyed what it brought to the table.  I really wanted to follow that film up with the sequels in order of release but ordering from Amazon during the holiday seasons results in shit happening and in my case it was the films were on back order but the site was never updated to reflect this.  I went into this one having only seen the first film so I didn’t know what to expect.

The acting in this one is decent but some performances was a little underwhelming while others were spot on.  Scott Tepperman takes on the film’s leading role and does a solid job.  His character, like some of his others in the films I’ve reviewed, is down to Earth and relate-able to an extent.  He does a great job at bring to life the every day man’s man but seeing him as a psychotic serial killer just doesn’t ride well.  He lacks that menacing quality that many look for in serial killers and slashers.

Tepperman’s frequent collaborator Jim O’ Rear has a substantial role in the film and does a solid job as well.  His characters are always grounded, much like Tepperman’s, but have that devious quality about them.  He does a solid job as well.

Next up is b-movie icon and Florida’s indie horror staple Joel D. Wynkoop who delivers another great performance.  I really like when Wynkoop takes on the roles of the over the top characters but he can be serious when he needs to.

The story for this one is a direct sequel to the first film.  It was a little confusing at first trying to figure out who was who and their connection to the first film.  The film, from my understanding, has no ties to the sequels but I was still a little confused as to what has transpired as the film opens where Tepperman’s character is wearing half of the Coppermask.  Once I just accepted it and let the film play out I actually enjoyed it.  The story was fun once you consider the original film and what it brought to the table.  Several of the scenes were a little too long for me.  The dialogue of some of them was way too long and stretch the film out longer than it should be.  Some serious editing would make this film so much better.

Finally, this one isn’t as gory as the first film.  The kills, when they do occur, are very lackluster.  I understand that some time has passed and its difficult to get budgets for indie horror but this sequel was missing out on the red stuff.  The kills were the highlight of the first film and this one seemed to be void of it and when it did happen the viewer didn’t get to enjoy it.  Overall, I Dared You: Truth or Dare 5 is a solid entry in the series.  The film does miss what the first film started but it still delivers some entertainment.  Check it out.

Written by Blacktooth

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