Tromatic Thursday – Mad Cow (Review)

Part man. Part cow. Udderly Crazy!

Director(s) – Michael Wright (Dark Side, Big Range) and Michael J. Rix (Tengers, Man in the Street)
Starring – Craig Brown (Paparazzi Princess), Billy Bush (Access Hollywood Live), and Angus Douglas
Release Date – 2010
Rating – 3.5/5

Another week and another Tromatic Thursday approaches.  I started this a month ago and I’ve love being able to make time to watch and review Troma flicks that have been collecting dust for years.  Most of the films I reviewed I actually enjoyed.  They embodied the wacky and crazy stories that I expect from Troma but a few of them were turds.

Last week I checked out Killer Condom and enjoyed it.  I wanted to keep the crazy going so I went to my Troma collection and pulled out Mad Cow.  Mad Cow is the 2010 horror comedy from South Africa that was released by Troma in 2015.  I picked this one up a year or two ago at Cinema Wasteland from the Troma booth.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows an evil scientist that has created a half man and half cow hybrid that is terrorizing the countryside with a chainsaw.  The police is involved and they have a survivor one of the attacks involved while they try to capture or kill the evil beast but their plan backfires.  When they finally kill the creature its body parts rain down into the food of the locals turning them into the living dead with an appetite for flesh.**Spoiler Alert**

Mad Cow looked like one of those films that I would absolutely love or would be a complete mess.  Lucky for me it was one that I really enjoyed.  The film was more humor than horror but it worked.  The goofy cast and story made a solid comedy with the horror tossed in for even more comedic effect.

The acting in this one is that over the top clichéd portrayal of characters that is typical in the Scary Movie franchise and other parodies that followed.  Sadly, this is the type of acting that made Anna Faris famous and is inexcusable.  I loved the characters and the cast did a great job with their comedic timing and line delivery.  Leslie Nielson would be proud.

The story for this one just keeps going and going.  What the film delivers is one twist and turn after another with the next aspect of the story even more absurd than the last.  The story is fun and every scene is overflowing with comedy and cliches.

Finally, the film has several on screen kills.  The effects are reflective of the budget.  The kills fit the film but are easily forgettable.  Overall, Mad Cow another fine addition to the Troma catalog.  If you love horror comedies that are batshit crazy then I suggest you pick this one up!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.