Romford Film Festival to feature Shane Ryan retrospective, showcasing 7 films by the filmmaker

The Romford Film Festival will be featuring a Shane Ryan retrospective this week, showcasing 7 films by the independent filmmaker, including – My Name is ‘A’ by anonymous; a true crime drama inspired the Alyssa Bustamante/Elizabeth Olten case (UK Premiere). The Girl Who Wasn’t Missing; a dramatic tale about a 15 year old girl who is kicked out onto the streets after being raped (UK Premiere). Guerrilla; a 1980’s post-apocalyptic zombie/cannibal adventure (World Premiere). American Virus; a POV zombie film, co-written by and starring Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Kathryn Eastwood (UK Premiere). Paper Kids; an experimental drama about missing children. Tag/Oni-gokko; a Japanese ghost story (UK Premiere). And Kamatayan, directed by Lilith Singson and produced by Ryan (the only film of the bunch not directed by Ryan); an experimental piece about the death of earth (European Premiere).
The festival will run from May 24th-28th at the Premiere Cinemas Romford. For tickets please visit

Written by Blacktooth

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