Review: Christopher Micklos’ The Nursery

I think I’m going to coin a new word just for the sake of this movie review. The Nursery is mold-school, a combination of modern and old-school. Based on the screenplay by Christopher Micklos, The Nursery follows a college student who takes a babysitting job at a house currently inhabited by a family with a tragic past. Almost immediately after the parents leave their baby in her care, the young woman finds herself stalked by a sinister presence that seems to be leading her to a dark discovery. Uncomfortable and intimidated, she calls a small group of friends over to confront the evil spirit haunting the property, only to further stir the angry presence. What secrets are hidden within the walls of the nursery and who will make it out alive to speak about them? Maddi Conway, Emmaline Friederichs, Carly Sauer, Claudio Parrone Jr, Monica Bahr, Marco Lama and Nadia Horner star in this supernatural horror film from directors Christopher Micklos and Jay Sapiro.

To be honest, while I liked that The Nursery is mold-school, its execution of the plot and the road to climax were pretty lackluster. It seems like the production team took the easy way out on several occasions, and the level of scare factor is almost non-existent. It all ended up being pretty bland. Luckily, all of the aspects that make up The Nursery were great, and I’d rather focus on the positives instead of the negatives. First, I loved the ambiance that was established with the interior of the house. It reminded me of a 1970’s serial killer’s house, like John Wayne Gacy could march down the halls at any second. Very cool atmosphere. The Nursery also excels in the acting department, with several lead cast members turning out performances that were on point and professional well beyond their years. Maddi Conway is a mini Jessica Biel in training, and I loved her role in this movie.

The Nursery did well with the basic areas of audio, lighting and special effects; though I have to say the camera quality bounced around depending how far away the camera was from the action on screen. But, hey, at least it had a higher body count than I was expecting. With nods and influences to The Omen, Poltergeist, Scream and Unfriended, one of the last things I’d like to mention is that The Nursery is filled with metaphors. If you pay attention well, you’ll notice them for yourself…or I’m just crazy. Produced by Christopher Micklos, Jay Sapiro and Glenn Chung, The Nursery is seeing its official VOD release on June 5, 2018 courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment. It’s hard for me to recommend it because of story execution, but in fairness, everything else about it was good. I’d recommend you peep the trailer below and make the decision for yourself whether you think it’s worth a stream in the coming weeks. Final Score: 6 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)