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Meca Ex Studios LLC Offer Apparel Printing Service, Caters Horror and Sci-Fi Creators.

Meca Ex Studios LLC Offer Apparel Printing Service, Caters Horror, Sci-Fi Creators
Branding Solutions Aids Independent Horror Media Creators

Bronx, New York City: Meca Ex Studios LLC the production house behind DecayMag online Horror news outlet unveiled today, their apparel and promotional printing services for independent game developers, filmmakers musicians and film festivals. The goal for Meca Ex Studios LLC is to fill a void many Horror, Sci-Fi content creators face when promotional and/or funding efforts are paramount. In addition, Meca Ex Studios LLC will offer, at an extra cost, web store hosting and logistics thus eliminating the client’s risk of having on-hand inventory that may not sell.

Meca Ex Studios LLC established DecayMag as a platform to showcase upcoming artistic endeavors in the Horror, Sci-Fi community. Over the past four years, DecayMag, its online Horror platform and podcast hosted many influential directors, actors and media creators. With the latest endeavor and accompanying new website, Meca Ex Studios LLC will embark on an arena to further promote and aid content creators.

Below are examples, areas that can benefit with apparel and promotional printing services offered by Meca Ex Studios LLC:

1. Supplement crowdfunding reward tiers
2. Continuous fundraising option
3. Film festivals branded merchandise
4. Advertising/promotional campaigns
5. Production team uniforms
6. News outlets branded merchandise

According to Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder and Meca Ex Studios LLC Co-Owner: “Media Content Creatives are artists and what better way to promote their works of art but through apparel merchandising. Meca Ex Studios LLC provides an opportunity for genre contributors to earn extra income toward their vision and/or brand.”

Ken Artuz adds: “Jason, Michael and Freddy branded merchandise are popular. Where is that shared spotlight when it comes to the independent creative sector? Meca Ex Studios LLC will offer a platform for film festivals and Horror, Sci-Fi media visionaries to create and market an apparel line.”

About Meca Ex Studios LLC: Meca Ex Studios LLC offers apparel printing, podcasting and photography creative solutions for small to mid-sized business (B2B) and direct to customer (B2C) models.

About DecayMag: DecayMag is a premier online entertainment news source covering Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller genres of various mediums. DecayMag delivers reviews, interviews, and insights on independent and mainstream media content. The weekly podcast, DecayMag Podcast, is available on Google Music, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn podcast platforms.


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