Welcome to the Neighborhood. Meet ‘The Evil Down the Street.’

I’ve started coming across news in reference to a new film, The Evil Down the Street, and it sounds like the upcoming, independent title is one you’ll want to keep an eye on. The Evil Down the Street entered principal photography in March 2018 and wrapped sometime in April. A crew member recently announced that they’d seen a rough cut of the flick, and an article in Record Gazette stated that this project, rumored to be inspired by true events, could premiere as early as this Fall in Banning, California. With that in mind, let me share all the details that I’ve found.

The Evil Down the Street was produced under CRA Entertainment, and it was written and directed by the duo of Craig Ahrens and David Espinosa. This will serve as their directorial debut. Described as a psychological thriller more than a “blood and gore horror film,” The Evil Down the Street follows a small family of four as they move into their dream home in an upscale neighborhood. The city is lovely. The street is lovely. The neighbors are lovely. But, the family has no idea how their lives are about to change for the worse…forever! Kenton Jones, Alena Gerard, Tara Milante, Sophia Sparks, Deborah Ramaglia, Michael Hudson and Craig Ahrens star.

The Evil Down the Street is also boasting an incredible central location, the compound of a former juvenile detention camp with a double basement. You can read all about the creepy location in Record Gazette (here). While you’re at it, give the film’s official Facebook page (here) a like so you can stay up to date on all future announcements!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)