Monster Short CREEK (Crowd Funding)

After spending nearly 18 months making a monster from scratch at home, a budding Scottish practical effects artist now has his creation featured in an exciting creature-feature short horror film.

Monster-maker Keith Robson, 35, has devoted his free time in recent years to learning the ins and outs of making practical effects, costumes and props; using YouTube tutorials, Facebook groups and various ‘How To’ books for help. In early 2017 he began work on making his first ever movie monster at home, just for the fun of it; but after seeing the results, Scottish Production studio Hex Studios/ Hex Media, suggested putting the slimy creature on-screen.

The completed monster is to be featured in a short horror film called “Creek”; but after preliminary shooting of the film last year, production was stopped due to lack of funding. The team have turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to complete the film and if the Kickstarter campaign reaches it’s target, Creek will be included in the exciting feature length anthology “For We Are Many”; due for release late 2018.

Written by Blacktooth

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