Adrian Corona’s DIS Picked Up by Unearthed Films Corp.

Exciting news! My #12 favorite film of 2017, DIS, was picked up by Unearthed Films Corp and will see an official release later this year. The announcement was made by Stephen Biro, the company’s founder and CEO, who also promised a poster, redband trailer, and other extras in the coming weeks. DIS is a bizarre, disturbing tale that left me feeling uncomfortable long after the credits rolled. You can read my full review here.

Bill Oberst Jr. stars in DIS, and he really flexed his acting muscles here and tapped into a dark mental place. I give him a lot of credit and applause for his role in DIS. Bill is joined on screen by Lori Jo Hendrix, Peter Gonzales Falcon, Manuel Dominguez, Anne Voitsekhova and Marilu Aldana. Props to the leading ladies in this flick, too. DIS was produced by Beatriz Barradas, and Adrian Corona served as screenwriter and director. I can’t wait to see what Corona does in the future!

Anxiously awaiting more DIS release news!

Synopsis: An ex-soldier with a criminal past takes refuge in the woods. A demonic figure seeks the seed of killers and the blood of the damned to feed his mandrake garden. DIS is an infernal descent into the root of the mandrake legend and a man who wanders too close to that legend and the unnameable

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)