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Robby McBride Continues Psychological Horror Series Rose 66 With ‘The Long Road.’

I’m really enjoying the adventure of watching Robby McBride’s Rose 66 grow and grow. Not only does it remind me of why I got started in this business in the first place – promoting independent horror – but I’m also starting to believe that Mr. McBride is smarter than the average bear. Robby’s story-telling tactic is so genius because each installment in the Rose 66 series flashbacks and jumps ahead; letting the narrative expand while also uncovering hidden truths and creepy realities, instead of getting the entire plot all at once.

Despite my earlier sentiments of comparing Rose 66 to The Hitcher, I think this one’s going a more Rest Stop route – in that the female stalker (predator?) could be otherworldly instead of just insane. One thing’s for sure, though, Robby McBride has an eye for interesting angles and a knack for nabbing cool locations. For an independent short series, Rose 66 has a lot going for it. Robby has expressed sending Rose 66 to festivals and is actively pursuing producers. That’s exactly what I think this needs, as a little more money and attention could fix the slight production errors Rose 66 displays.

Good luck, Robby! Can’t wait to check out Part 3. For now, though, folks can watch Rose 66 Part 2: The Long Road below!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)