Write This Down! A College-Based Retelling of Dracula is Flying to YouTube in Mia Morris’ Diary.

Web-series are absolutely killing it in 2018. Honest, the talent level coming out of this measure of television media is putting up a strong fight against powerhouses like Amazon Prime and Hulu. I mean, why pay for a subscription when independent directors and producers are willing to put new, original content online for free? Looking forward to one of the web-series that I’m most excited to see, Mia Morris’ Diary is at the top of my list. Shot by Black Cat Film Productions, Mia Morris’ Diary is a contemporary, modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was also inspired by Carmilla, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Notes by Christine and The Cate Morland Chronicles. Anything to do with taking classic movie monsters and placing them in current environments, well, sign me up as soon as possible!

The series follows a college student, Mia Morris (played by Skye Fitzpatrick), and her friends – Lucy Westwood (played by Sharee Muller), Drake Alucard (played by Thomas Bishop), John Stuarts (played by Timothy Clark), Arthur Holmwood (played by Rafferty Parer) and Quinn (played by Isis Calje) – who face supernatural and evil forces at the university where a lot of unexplained attacks are taking place. It’s up to Mia and her friends to solve the mystery behind these attacks. Director and producer Sarah Stephenson explains, “When I was younger, I was fascinated with the vampire movies made by Universal Studios and Hammer Films. More recently, I’ve been writing my own vampire stories, and this has become the inspiration for Mia Morris’ Diary. We couldn’t have done this without the aid and assistance from Shae Mondell, our jewelry designer from Divinity Jewelry, Vaeluaga Luse Luli, our fashion designer from Exclusive Styles, and Wulfure Daelman, our prop designer from Armoury-Terrain.”

What started as an end of the year short film project at the Australian Institute of Advanced Studios has now extended to incorporate new episodes and story-lines; and thus Mia Morris’ Diary was born. Over the next few weeks, Black Cat Film Productions will be in top gear and is aiming to finish shooting as soon as possible before heading into post-production. For more information on the series, please visit: https://

Mia Morris’ Diary is expected to release later this year. Look for episode one in October or November 2018!

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