Another Wolfcop (Review)

Dirtier. Hairier.

Director – Lowell Dean (Wolfcop)
Starring – Leo Fafard (Corner Gas: The Movie, Humanity Bureau), Amy Matysio (Vampire Dog, Stranded), and Jonathan Cherry (House of the Dead, Final Destination 2)
Release Date – 2018
Rating – 4/5

When I was growing up I loved movies.  I didn’t care what genres.  I loved watching movies but I quickly found myself in love with old action and exploitation flicks.  Soon that lead to horror where I fell in love with Romero.  My love for Romero impacted the horror films I watched.  Obviously I went after zombie flicks but that shifted after watching Fright Night.  I became obsessed with 80s vampire flicks.  After I watched The Monster Squad I become very interested in werewolf flicks.  I checked out The Howling, Silver Bullet, Wolfen, and so many more.  I loved them.

Sadly, we don’t get a lot of werewolf flicks anymore which is mostly due to the fact that fans want transformation scenes which can be tricky and costly.  A few years ago we got the horror comedy Wolfcop and it was fantastic.  It had humor, a solid story, and some great effects.  As soon as it was released fans wanted more so Dean set out writing a sequel and now we finally have it and I was lucky enough to get it in for review!

**Spoiler Alert**The film once again follow Lou who is still a drunk cop with a monthly problem.  Every month he locks himself away from the world during the full moon but is able to sneak out to raise a little hell and fight crime.  During one nightly adventure (where he rips apart Canadian heroes Astron-6) he finds his old friend Willie (Cherry) who was thought to be dead but was actually being held captive by lizardmen and implanted with synthetic life.  The two try to move on with their lives but soon an evil robot is killing people across town and a new brewery is threatening to end all mankind if they don’t stop them.**Spoiler Alert**

The first Wolfcop was a fantastic horror comedy that should be recommend for any fans of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  However, Another Wolfcop is a different breed.  It is one of the few sequels that actually surpass the original film.  The laughs were on point, the cast was killer, and the story was fucking batshit.  I loved it.

The acting in this one is great.  Leo Fafard is great in his role as the drunken cop/WolfCop.  The fist film was centered more around this character and his performance but this follow up is so busy that Fafard and WolfCop almost has to ride shotgun.  He does a great job in his role and has created a horror comedy character that the world will not soon forget.

The supporting cast is fantastic as well.  Amy Matysio and Jonathan Cherry are fantastic.  Their characters are just as important as WolfCop’s to the story and they have fun with the roles.  It was also cool to seen acclaimed filmmaker Kevin Smith and the unforgettable production team Astron-6.  I was not expecting to see them and I’m glad they were there.

The story for this one takes the insanity from the first film and dials it up to 11.  We have werewolves, aliens, a penis person, and a killer robot.  The story is rather bonkers but I like that.  Just when you think you have it figured out something even more ridiculous is tossed at you.  The busy story doesn’t overcomplicate things.  In fact, it makes it even more fun.

Finally, the film is full of practical effects.  We have an outstanding transformation scene, werewolf titties, plenty of gore, and an alien penis bellybuster thing.  I really enjoyed the deaths.  They are over the top and gruesome which fits perfectly with the comedic tone of the film.  Overall, Another WolfCop is the perfect sequel and a damn fine werewolf flick.  You can’t call yourself a horror fan if you don’t own this film!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.