Fisted (Review)

The kid’s got dynamite flowing through his veins

Director – Tom Martino (Cheeseballs, Race War: The Remake)
Release Date – 2018
Rating – 3/5

Several years ago I was brought onto Horror Society to contribute.  I mostly did reviews on my blog so I kept that going on Horror Society.  At first I was reviewing the newer films that I would purchase every Tuesday when new releases hit the shelves.  Almost a year went by and a director reached out to me to review his film.  This was something new to me and I was shocked he asked.  I obviously accepted and after sharing that reviewing on his page several other filmmakers reached out to me to do the same.  I was shocked people wanted me to review their films.  I reviewed what was offered to me and decided to contact a few indie distribution companies to review their stuff.

The first one I reached out to was Wild Eye Releasing.  They were on board and sent over several movies for me to check out.  Among them was Tom Martino’s Race War: The Remake.  If you don’t know what this movie is then you are missing out.  Race War is a flick I often recommend to any horror fan looking to get into Wild Eye.  The film is just so much fun.  I found Tom on Facebook and added him.  I had to.  A few years later he released his second feature Cheeseballs.  Sadly, the film was just as crazy but didn’t flow as well as Race War.  It has been a few years since Tom released a new film but he came back strong with his new feature Fisted.  Thanks Tom for sending this one my way!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a group of youths (adults portraying children) who are going away for an overnight camping trip with their counselor who is also a pedophile.  He thinks he is going to have his way with the youths all night but they have a different plan in store for him.  Years of sexual abuse has made them bloodthirsty.  They plan on killing him and feeding his body to the gators but the van throws a rod which shoots through the driver’s seat and pierces his ass…killing him instantly.  They think their nightmare is behind them now that he is gone but what they don’t know is that a maniac lives in the woods.  He has explosives running through his veins and uses his fire fist to kill anyone that enters his territory. **Spoiler Alert**

People forget to have fun with movies.  Most people sit down and expect a movie that will move them with a heartfelt story or a documentary about how someone overcome ridiculous odds.  Fuck that noise.  I want a movie that is fun to watch.  Show me over the top characters and absurd stories.  Show me crazy effects and monsters I wouldn’t expect.  That is why I love Race War so much.  The movie is balls to the wall insanity and never a dull moment.  Fisted is more of the same and I can’t wait to revisit it.

The acting in this one is energetic and lively.  The cast does a great job keeping the pace up with the film and making it as entertaining as they do.  The characters are some you would find in pulp comics and Troma flicks which are always welcomed in my home.  I love their chemistry together and how the cast fed off each other.

The story for this one is fucking bonkers.  We have a killer in the woods with a flaming fist, a pedophile getting his untimely demise from a metal rod in his ass, demon hunters, and giant ants that burrow in your ball sack.  The price of admission is well worth it when you consider all the fucking crazy antics you are about to see.  The film packs a lot into it and is able to pull it all together in a round about way.  The pacing is perfect until the last 20 minutes or so and then it does seem to taper off a bit.  It almost feels like the ending was tacked on after the fact.

Finally, the film is full of death.  Some of the scenes used some practical effects and others use cheesy visual effects.  The visual effects are far from perfect but that is intentional to make the film even funnier than it was to begin with.  Honestly, I like how Martino combines the two.  It makes for some unforgettable carnage.  Overall, Fisted may not hit you in the feels but it will punch it you the dick.  If you can get the stick out of your ass you may actually enjoy this one.  Hell, you may even laugh a time or two before sharing your Trump/Hillary banter on social media. Check it out.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.