Review: Pool Party Massacre (The Perfect Way to End the Summer)

Woah, buddy! Pool Party Massacre was a ton of fun, and the perfect movie to put on during your End of Summer bash. A sexy slasher with old school story development and practical special effects, Pool Party Massacre is seeing its official VOD release on August 17, 2018 courtesy of Terror Films. Here’s why you should check it out. Shot under Floating Eye Films in association with Big Idea Productions and based on the screenplay by Drew Marvick, Pool Party Massacre follows a group of high maintenance, all body/no brains women as they enjoy a relaxing summer day by the pool. Their fun in the sun turns into a living nightmare when a jumpsuit clad mad man starts killing them off one by one. The clear pool water turns blood red in this horror film from director Drew Marvick. Alexis Adams, Sally Burnswello, Dora Deceuninick, LeeAnna Vamp, Kristin Noel McKusick, Marguax Neme, Destiny Faith Nelson, Crystal Stoney, Jenifer Marvick, Nick Beyer, Paul Card, Jimmy Grosse, Mark Justice and Drew Marvick star.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that Pool Party Massacre was done with Slumber Party Massacre as an inspiration. It features a ton of scantily glad women sitting around one area – the pool – while being murdered. It’s the same formula over and over again with every single kill, and while the body count is almost in the double digits, there is a little to be desired. Garden tools, including some sort of handheld saw, an ax, and a weed-wacker – are at the Michael Myers-esque psycho’s disposal and he uses them to his advantage. The stalking is very reminiscent to the heavy breathing in the Halloween movies, further reminding me that Pool Party Massacre could easily have been a blockbuster hit in the 1980’s. With rock and roll themes, boobs and nudity, a ton of gore, and a below average mystery – audiences would have loved it. In 2018, though, I think viewers will be more critical, but I enjoyed my time while watching. Yay nostalgia!

And there’s a little more to the movie than horror, gore and sexuality. I don’t have much to say in terms of the actors’ performances, because I don’t think they were challenged with the material here, but I can confirm that the production value is very high. Well lit, lots of fun angles, an upscale location, sleek editing, and practical effects that were carried out nicely. Congratulations to writer, director, executive producer Drew Marvick and executive producer, cinematographer, editor Brian Mills for putting together an independent film that’s worthy of a decent worldwide release. An effective throwback, this film is a good “turn off your brain and enjoy” flick. I thought the ending was genius, and the final confrontation played into the slight comedic elements that nipped at the edges of the film. A “whodoneit” slasher that soaks you in estrogen, chlorine and blood – Pool Party Massacre is the perfect way to end the summer movie onslaught before the iconic horror titles kick off this Fall. Buy it from most digital outlets this Friday, August 17th 2018.

(This one was pretty cut and dry. No pun intended. Fun, but not groundbreaking in any way.)

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)