Frank Sabatella & Jason Rice Dare You to Enter ‘The Shed.’

Frank Sabatella wrote and directed the highly successful, Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris fronted slasher Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet in 2009. But, it wasn’t this accomplishment that caught my full attention. Starting in 2013, and for the next three years, Sabatella created and released insanely delicious short films every Halloween to quench the blood thirst of his audience. However, shortly there-after, he seemingly retired from film-making in a large capacity outside of serving as a consulting producer on A Mermaid Tale. Now, two years later, he’s returning with a new horror project titled The Shed. Let us all rejoice.

There’s no word yet if The Shed is a short of a feature length film. I can confirm that principal photography started in late July and concluded today, August 16th. It’s possible the crew could’ve banged out a feature in a little over two weeks, especially if a single location was used as the film’s backdrop. I can also confirm that the script was co-written by Jason Rice, who promises that updates are on the way in the next few weeks and speaks about his love for the project.

The Shed looks absolutely atmospheric and traditionally scary. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out, and what Rice and Sabatella cooked up for genre falls.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN