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Review: Baghead (A Restless, Enthralling, Original Horror Short)

Ghosts, witches, anger and grief collide in the impressive new short film from director Alberto Corredor. Based on the screenplay by Lorcan Reilly, Baghead follows a man named Kevin as he enters a run-down bar after closing-time. Kevin is on the hunt for more than just a cold beer, as the owner quickly takes him to an underground storage room that houses a centuries old and incredibly powerful shape-shifting witch. Tonight, Kevin is looking for answers that only the deceased can give him, and the faces of his lost loved ones are more than willing to provide him with the information he seeks and the fire to ignite his darkest desires. Co-produced by Shorts TV with executive producer Carter Pilcher, Baghead stars Oliver Walker, Natalie Oliver, Julian Seager, Pat Bootham and Tama Phethean.

A seedy, old bar is the perfect venue for struggling young men to contact a super evil being like The Baghead Witch. Think about it: where do you go when you feel like you’ve lost everything and have nowhere to turn to? The bar. Where do you go to lose your inhibitions around other like-minded, nonjudgmental people? The bar. Only in Baghead, Kevin is going to lose a lot more than he’s gaining. His purity, his sanity, his morality is all on line just for a string of information he already believes to be true. Is it worth it? It’s a theme that’s interwoven into the story so beautifully by Lorcan Reilly and brought to life so horrifically by Alberto Corredor. Filled with bargaining, brutal torture, beatings and begging, Baghead is a sure-fire horror short that you don’t want to miss! Find it screening at Sitges, San Diego International Film Festival, Freakshow Horror Film Festival and Manhattan Short Film Festival soon!

Coming in with a run-time of just fifteen minutes, I believe that Baghead is one of the few short films with the potential to be adapted into a feature length narrative. I don’t think witchcraft and communing with the dead has been explored in such a way before, and Baghead effortlessly captures a subgenre in horror that’s making a strong comeback. With a quasi-villain that resembles something out of Silent Hill, a capable production crew, and a stunning cast, Baghead hits it out of the park with every plot twist. Highly recommended and one of my favorite short films of the year. A restless, enthralling, original horror short that’s as thematically pleasing as it is creepy and unnerving. Final Score: 9 out of 10.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN