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There’s a Film About a Cannibal Clown Filled Tornado. Watch the Trailer for ‘Clownado’ Here.

Yup, you read the title right.

Cult director Todd Sheets is back with a new feature film following the success of his previous project, Bonehill Road. The new film, titled Clownado, was well received on Indiegogo; so much so that it blew past by its goal by almost 60%. With the additional funds, you’re bound to get an campy, independent disaster flick filled with practical effects, killer clowns, and a lot of other ‘what the fuck’ material.

Written and directed by Todd Sheets, Clownado will feature appearances by Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Joel D. Wynkoop (Wicked Games) and Jeanne Silver (House of Sin).

Watch the official trailer below!

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)