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Review: Dakota Thomas’ One Last Scare (Link to Watch Inside)

Horror fans, why does the new short film from Dakota Thomas only have 170 views on YouTube? It’s a fun, fifteen minute 80’s styled slasher flick and it features a voice cameo by a cast member from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. A collaboration between Dakota Entertainment and Stache House Productions, One Last Scare follows a failing B-movie actress who’s known for doing slasher films. Only on this night, she finds herself in a real scary situation as she’s stalked by an obsessed fan. Even though she knows what it takes to survive, this will be character development she’ll never forget. Elizabeth Elise Gonzalez, JD Sursely, Dakota Thomas star with Tuesday Night as a 911 operator in this retro horror flick from writer/director Dakota Thomas.

One Last Scare is produced by Wendy Genera and sees cinematography by Martin Ramirez and editing by Dakota Thomas. I wasn’t expecting much from this short film, but I left my viewing having enjoyed it. A lot! It’s really cohesive in atmosphere, production design, acting and story. Dakota and Christian Valencia wrote a story that appeals to 80’s horror fans, and more importantly, it looks like it belongs in The Golden Age of Horror. I truly felt like I could’ve found this on a VHS shelf in a video store 30 years ago. With a perfect run time, a little bit of gore and sensuality, and the right actress to lead the production, One Last Scare is a terrific showing from Thomas. Nostalgia for the win. Well done, cast and crew!

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)