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Lost Boys Fan Film Gets Dual Posters and Release Date

Randy Memoli’s Lost Boys fan film is seeing its official release in less than a month, now that re-shoots and post-production editing is complete. Based on the characters created by James Jeremias and Jan Fischer, and brought to life by director Joel Schumacher, The Lost Boys (1987) is heavily regarded as one of the best vampire films of all time; so much so that it spawned two direct-to-DVD sequels over twenty years later.

But, is the original movie dated or does it stand the test of time? New Jersey’s own Randy Memoli poised this question when developing his idea for the short film that would become Lost Boys: The New Breed. In his re-incarnation, the vampire plague has spread from Santa Clara, California to The Jersey Shore in Keansburg. Lost Boys: The New Breed sees a modern, East Coast version of the opening sequence in Lost Boys, while heaping more gore, more vampires, and an original, open-ended finale into the mix. It’s hitting the internet on December 23, 2018, which is not so coincidentally Corey Haim’s birthday. Prepare for battle!

Lost Boys: The New Breed is written, directed and produced by Randy Memoli. Michael DeFellipo served as contributing producer, with Jason Nappi handling the cinematography and editing. K.K. Reaper worked on special effects, with Kelly Mulrain on hair and make-up. The short film stars Pete Baez, Frank Bohr, Rob Brokaw, Nick Chavez, Carlos Garcia, Nick Hanz, Greg Romano, Alyxx Weishaar and Randy Memoli as Primo. Experience the white fanged, thug punching madness for yourself on December 23, 2018.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)