The Violence Movie (Review)

Director(s) – David and Eric Wilkinson
Starring – Joseph Shaugnessy and David E. Wilkinson
Release Date – 1988
Rating – 1/5

Horror has a way of sucking fans in.  I remember when I was little.  I loved all movies but when I hit middle school I found myself watching more horror than any other genre.  I can blame that on the Goosebumps books and shows that I became obsessed with just a few years prior.  My obsession with the genre is nothing knew.  The horror craze took off in the 50s and with the publication of magazines, all night horrorthons at local theaters and drive-ins, and so on.

Legend has it that in 1988 brothers David and Eric Wilkinson, who may be employed by MVD is memory serves properly, made two short films that was never released.  I don’t know if I believe these were actually filmed in 1988 but MVD recently released both short, The Violence Movie 1 and 2, on DVD.  Thank you MVD for sending a copy my way.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a teen, and his best friend, who come face to face with a masked killer.  The teen’s best friend is murders leaving him alone in his him to fight off a weapon wielding killer.**Spoiler Alert**

People know me as the dude that likes shitty horror movie.  I pride myself on that.  I love no budget horror flicks that has insane stories, crappy effects, and a cast with no experience.  However, I can’t like them all and The Violence Movie is one of the few I couldn’t get behind.

The acting in this one is rough but it also adds some much needed humor to the short.  The story for this one is simple – someone runs and the other tries to catch them.  Basically it’s tag with a serial killer.  Shorts usually make great use of their time but this one had such little content that the short running of 14 minutes is 10 too long.  You can clearly tell this is just a group of friends goofing off and paying tribute to the genre they love.  I respect that but I’m just not a fan.

Finally, the film has a death scene or two with some of the cheapest effects in a movie I’ve reviewed.  I know the film wasn’t meant to be taken seriously and the kills added to that notion.  Overall, The Violence Movie is one of those movies that film buffs make in their younger years that were never meant to see the light of day.  As a horror collector I love having a copy on my shelf but that doesn’t make this a good film.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.