Where Are They Now? : The Cast of “Are You Afraid of the Dark”

I vaguely remember watching “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” but in my defense, it aired on Nickelodeon when I was only eight years old and I haven’t seen a single episode since it went off the air in 2000. Recently, the network for kids announced they were rebooting the horror anthology series for 2020. Whether The Midnight Society is around with new members and how scary the new show will actually be remains to be seen. With this news in mind, I did a search of the original cast – 1990 to 1996 – with the question of: Where Are They Now? Most of them, except for two, are still in the entertainment industry in one way or another.

Ross Mull – Gary – Mr. Mull was a bigger star before the show, but he has found success since. He was featured on news programs around Canada as a weather broadcaster in the mid-2000s and appeared on “Global News” in 2014. Most recently, he held two background gigs in the recently canned SyFy action-fantasy series “Dark Matter.”

Raine Pare-Coull – Netty Ann – Despite an awesome, top billing sounding name, Raine has been absent from the industry as far as I can tell. Although, she provided additional voice overs for Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone in 2001.

Jodie Resther – Kiki – Kiki has gone on to lend her voice to a ton of animated television series including “Arthur,” “Monster Allergy,” “Mental Block,” “Vampire High” and “Winx Club.” In front of the camera, she recently had a small part in the Death Wish remake with Bruce Willis.

Jason Alisharan – Frank – Now instead of being the talent, Mr. Alisharan is finding the talent. He currently works as an agent with Endeavor Talent Agency. Also, in 2009, he served as a producer on the Oscar Nominated drama A Single Man.

Daniel DeSanto – Tucker – As with Jodie Resther, Daniel became a noteworthy voice talent. His characters can be found in shows like “Braceface,” “Beyblade,” “Combat Hospital,” “Total Drama Island: All Stars,” “Totally Spies” and “Paw Patrol.” He even had a small part in Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher – Samantha – Perhaps the biggest face talent since the show aired, JoAnna held recurring roles in “Party of Five,” “Freaks and Geeks,” “Privileged,” “Gossip Girl,” “Royal Pains” and “Once Upon a Time” before transitioning to comedy films with American Pie 2 and Not Another Teen Movie. Although, she is most known for playing Cheyenne in Reba from 2001 to 2007.

Rachel Blanchard – Kristen – Bouncing between tween shows and horror films, Rachel can be found in Carrie 2 and Snakes on a Plane, and on the small screen in “7th Heaven,” “Clueless” and “Fargo: The TV Series.”

Jacob Tierney – Eric – Who needs to look for work? Jacob creates his own! He’s the film-maker behind 2010’s horror-drama The Good Neighbor. He’s also the man behind Canada’s CraveTV sitcom “Letterkenny.”

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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