Rednecks (Review)

Director – John Birmingham (The Vampires of Zanzibar, Crazy Animal)
Starring – John Birmingham, Royce Hobson (Plan 9, House on the Hill), and Jeremy Ambler (The Walking Dead, Milfs vs. Zombies)
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 2.5/5

Tagline – “We’z a differnt breed”

I love goofy no budget films. In fact, that’s what I prefer. Most no budget movies take themselves way too seriously resulting in a stale and often clichéd movie experience that is anything but entertaining. That is why I have such a deep love for Troma. Their movies are often fun and deliver just as much comedy as it does gore.

Sometime ago Troma acquired John Birmingham’s Rednecks. The film stars Brandy Mason who I was lucky enough to work with in Razor Sharp’s Steve: Death Collector. I was looking forward to checking this one out. Thank you Troma for sending a review copy my way.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the three Redneck brothers who live on a family homestead but when Dr. Jessie dies they are forced to find the money to get the land back or face eviction. Their troubles are solved when they find a rainbow with a leprechaun and make a wish for a better life, teeth, and their property back. They get their wishes but one of the brothers is heartbroken that his lovely Dixie is no longer part of his life. He unwishes the wish and goes back to their old ways. Realizing they screwed up, they make a pact with the devil but their deal turns sour like before and they once again return to their old lifestyles. They once again realize that their life sucks and makes yet another deal with the devil. Like before, their lives are improved but soon go south before they all realize that life was perfect on the farm.**Spoiler Alert**

I went into this one with a lot of excitement and curiosity but as the film progressed I found myself wishing this was the movie I thought it was going to be and not what was delivered.

The acting in this one is hit and miss for me. The cast seems to really enjoy themselves in their roles but some of the characters were a little underwhelming. Some were bright and colorful characters that filled the screen while others were just there for the sake of being there. With that being said, some of the characters were portrayed in the same manner as another character almost as if the same character was being portrayed by the two different actors at the same time. Different personalities would have helped tremendously here.

The story for this one had so much potential. The music portion had some laughs but the music and lyrics were painfully awkward. I could have lived without that but I will give credit where credit is do. I thought the Danzig parody was funny as fuck. The film moves at a snails pace and the laughs lack timing. They stack up on top of each other with no build up and fall flat. Also, some of the scenes are redundant. The scenes where they go to a better life are painfully slow and do nothing for the story. I wish the film focused on the three brothers doing trailer park antics almost like a Troma take on the Trailer Park Boys.

Finally, if you are looking for blood and gore you wont find it here. However, if you want campy fun visual effects and some poop then you are in the right spot! Overall, Rednecks just wasn’t for me. I really wanted to like it but the execution and delivery just made the film extremely boring. Troma collectors will want this one for their collection but the everyday indie movie lover may want to skip it.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.