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“Zoombies 2” Roars to Home Media on March 26th

Annihilation 2… erm… Zoombies 2 is about to hit home media markets from the mockbuster giant The Asylum. The announcement came yesterday morning and details are still air-tight for some reason, but here’s what I was able to discover.

Glenn Miller returns to direct the creature feature after working on 2016’s predecessor Zoombies. According to IMDB, Caleb Thomas, Erica Sturdefant and Himanshu Prasad are confirmed cast members. However, digging through Instagram shows that Ju’Marcus Mason, Brandon Baker and Terra Strong are also lead or supporting players.

Also, Zoombies 2 is rumored to release on March 26, 2019, which is the standard Tuesday release for films on Blu-ray and DVD. Let’s see how this one plays out. Either way, you really should search the hashtag #zoombies2 on Instagram to find some cool behind-the-scenes photos from the nine day shoot.

Did you like the first Zoombies? Are you excited for the sequel?

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)