New Clip From David Axe’s SHED

SHED Teaser Clip

You had your chance to be you. Their turn.

SHED is an independent horror movie with skin-stealing monsters. But really, it’s about love.

A tiny crew of lunatics made SHED in Columbia, South Carolina in late 2018 … during a hurricane. SHED is bloody, sexy, weird and transgressive.

Written, directed, produced & edited by David Axe, writer & producer of The Theta Girl. Starring Mike Amason & Sanethia Dresch. Effects by Lisa Ashworth & Brandon McIver. Music by Matt Akers.

“This is definitely a movie for gorehounds not to miss.” — Without Your Head

“There is a feeling of otherworldliness here, a dreamlike feel that is immediate.” — The Rotting Zombie

“The film doesn’t shy away from skin.” — Voices From the Balcony

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)