Live Improv Show Gas Station Horror Returns to NYC 6/8

Gas Station Horror RETURNS on June 8!

One of New York’s longest-running improv comedy shows is BACK this Saturday at 10:30PM at the PIT (123 E 24th St) with all-new clips, guests, prizes, and MORE! Gas Station Horror screens the silliest and wildest clips from b-horror movies and then invites some of NY’s best comedians to hit the stage and finish the scenes in fresh and hilarious ways. Each show also features free candy, bumpin’ horror remixes, and a FREE chance to win raffle prizes (this time, it’s the game Joking Hazard from Cyanide & Happiness).

This show features co-host Connor McClure, special guest Jay Malsky, and one of the dumbest clips about fitness I’ve ever seen.

Gas Station Horror has been named a top pick by TimeOutNY, the NY Times, the blot, the skint, nonsensenyc, Horror Society, and more. It’s been sponsored by Sony Pictures and featured in an NYU documentary.

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Special Guest Jay Malsky is a New York based comedian, musician, and drag performer. They can be seen performing original comedy songs around Manhattan (& Brooklyn tho not on the weekends probably). Their running shows at UCB Theatre have included Jay Malsky Slept With My Boyfriend! & The Queerball Sketch Show and was a member of Pretty Boys on Maude. The studio recordings from Jay Malsky Slept With My Boyfriend! is available on iTunes, Spotify and all other streaming music services.

Jay’s been called “The Saddest Man in America” by Tucker Carlson, and “The Voice of 2017” by for protesting a puppet of Donald Trump at Disney World. You can follow Jay’s Hefe-filtered life on Instagram @jaymalsky or their Earnest Gay Thoughts on Twitter @JayMalsky. They have a new podcast (“How Dare!?“) with fellow GSH alum Glo Tavarez.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)