Marcel Walz’s BLIND Gets Special Screening in Beverly Hills 7/10

The new movie from Marcel Walz (Blood Feast Remake), BLIND, is receiving a special press screening in Beverly Hills, but 100 tickets are set aside for the public to view this exciting new horror-thriller. The event will take place on July 10th 2019.

Faye (Sarah French), a former actress that lost her vision due to botched laser eye surgery, struggles to put her life back together while living alone in her dream house in the Hollywood Hills. Supported by her friend Sophia (Caroline Williams), she starts opening up to Luke (Tyler Gallant), a personal trainer who is mute and can only communicate through his cell phone. When a masked stranger named Pretty Boy (Jed Rowen) shows up, Faye will realize that she isn’t as alone as she thinks.

Starring: Sarah French, Caroline Williams, Jed Rowen, Tyler Gallant, Thomas Haley, Ben Kaplan, Sheri Davis and Michael St. Michael and introducing Jessica Galetti

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“A horror masterpiece” –

“Outstanding stunning” –

“Masterclass performances” –

“As beautiful as it is deeply unsettling” –

“Scary, touching and insanely weird!” –

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)