Mike O’Mahony & Maniac Films Announce New Feature “Free Range”

One of my favorite independent horror directors is back with his first feature film in five years. Mike O’Mahony, the creator responsible for Deadly Detour, A Dark Place Inside and IBS, has officially announced his new movie titled Free Range.

The sixth film of his career to be shot under Maniac Films, Free Range sticks with Mr. O’Mahony’s style of dark and disturbing subject matter mixed with gore and spine-tingling suspense. With Free Range, Mike promises a more intense story if measured by Maniac Films’ standards as well as a picture that’s more polished than his previous productions.

Free Range follows a young woman named Jackie, who is kidnapped, tortured and taken on a journey through pure Hell; only to discover that her way out of this traumatic event is far more terrifying than anything she has yet to experience.

Julie Roberts, Taylor Forte, Amanda Livezey, Matt Garafalo, Lauren Ojeda and Erich Ficke have been named as lead and supporting cast members, with surprise appearances being announced later this year.

Production has started on Free Range and it is expected to film through September. A trailer will drop later this Fall. If you’d like to see behind-the-scenes videos from the filming of Free Range, find Mike O’Mahony on Instagram. Otherwise, check out these newly released stills showing just some of what Free Range has to offer.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)