Bigfoot Country (Review)

Director – Jason Mills (Beyond the Line, The Changing of Ben Moore)
Starring – Darren Andrichuk (Murder Box, Phantom), Kiana Passmore (3 Hours till Dead, Alone We Are Not), and Hans Potter (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Valley of the Rats)
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 1/5

Horror has so many amazing sub-genres that are, sadly, subject to exploitation. If a horror movie makes money then you can expect to see dozens, if not hundreds, of copy cats come out of the woodwork. I’m a product of the 80s but I would give anything to have been born in the late 60s to live through the 70s when the drive-in was the thing to do. All the classic monster, sci-fi, and exploitation films that played on those screens.

This was the golden age of bigfoot flicks. So many classic sasquatch movies was released during the 70s. Their success spawned so many horrible films that the sub-genre is now known for the shitty bigfoot costumes and the cheesy effects. This is something that has continued to this day with several poor quality bigfoot flicks hitting store shelves a year. Recently, I received the 2017 bigfoot flick Bigfoot Country in for review. I had never heard of it before receiving it for review but I can never turn down a bigfoot flick.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows four twenty-somethings that decide to go camping in the country. They stop for lunch on the way and are warned not to camp in the woods but they refuse to listen to the man. That night they find themselves being stalked by something hairy in the woods. One of them has a gun and shoot at the creature which only angers the beast. They split up and run but soon find that was a mistake and regroup only to find that the woods is full of other hairy beasts that want nothing more than to turn them into a snack.**Spoiler Alert**

I hate giving a movie a negative review especially if it was sent to me but I refuse to lie. Bigfoot Country was a rough one to sit through. I try to always look at the positive for any movie but it was really difficult to find something with this one.

The acting in this one made me laugh a few times unintentionally. The cast really gives their performances everything they have but in several of the scenes it comes across is overdramatic and comical. Many of the more suspenseful scenes lose their affect due to the cast over doing it. The cast really needed some direction.

The story for this one is one we have seen so many times especially in the bigfoot sub-genre. Most of these films follows a group camping in the woods and are then harassed or stalked by bigfoot and we spend the majority of the film watching them try to escape the woods. Nothing new here. Sadly, the film struggles to find it’s footing as well and we watch characters that you want to try to escape the bigfoot you only get a small glimpse of. It is clear the team was just trying to throw together a quick film to sell over quality.

Finally, if you want blood and gore you will be disappointed here. We get a little blood but most of the death take place off screen and the effects we do get are minimal. Overall, Bigfoot Country was a struggle to finish. I can usually find something positive with every movie I watch but this one is just so tossed together and rushed that I failed to find anything. Crypto fans may want this one for their collection but this is one I can’t recommend.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.