‘Another Cinema Snob Movie’ Headlines Newest UNCENSORED September Premieres on Troma Now

Press Release Written and Submitted by John Ferri (TROMA Inc.)

Ryan Mitchelle and Brad Jones’ rib-tickling action-comedy ‘Another Cinema Snob Movie’ makes it’s TROMATIC debut as one of the many FANTOXIC, sidesplitting September Premieres on Troma Now!

Having portrayed the popular internet character The Cinema Snob for many years, Craig Golightly (Brad Jones) is set to release an original film to theaters. When the movie flops, Craig and the film’s drunken director Neil Hall (Rob Walker) travel across country with an upbeat musical vlogger (Tamara Chambers) and a controversial gamer (Korey Goodwin) in an effort to save their careers at the hands of Craig’s father, a powerful TV executive (Lloyd Kaufman). Directed by Ryan Mitchelle and Written by Brad Jones and Ryan Mitchelle.

Along with Another Cinema Snob Movie, Troma Now will also be debuting Jesus, Bro!, another hilarious comedy from the innovative minds of Ryan Mitchelle and Brad Jones, creators of The Cinema Snob, as well as a number of TromaDance films in the BRAND NEW TromaDance 2019 Collection section.

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