Cockraiser (Review)

Director – Vuko
Starring – April O’Neil (Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles: The XXX Parody, Fap to the Future: The XXX Parody), Tommy Pistol (Grindsploitation, The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol), and Daisy Ducati (Evil Bong 777, Blood Sister)
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 2/5

Tagline – “He’ll tear your holes apart”

My love for horror knows no bounds and sometimes I find myself in some strange territory. Over the years I’ve watched some pretty crazy horror movies and over time I’ve found myself actually enjoying movies I never thought I would. Several years ago I came across the movies Evil Head, Fuckenstein, and The XXXorcist on DVD. I went ahead and grabbed them and found myself really enjoying their absurd story. Evil Head especially is a damn fun time that really embodies the film it is parodying.

A few years back I received a press release for the Woodrocket/Pornhub parody of Hellraiser that was perfectly titled as Cockraiser. I’m sure some of you remember the press release on the site because it was popular for sometime after I posted it. I never did check out this film but with October in full swing and my rule of watching movies I have yet to see landed me on the doorstep of the Woodrocket YouTube channel. After watching the trailer for Cockraiser I went ahead and marched my happy ass to Pornhub to check it out.

**Spoiler alert**The film follows a couple as the move back into their family home after the man’s brother killed himself in a locked room upstairs. The wife had an affair with the deceased brother and goes upstairs to pay her respects in the very room he killed himself in. However, he is far from gone is able to communicate with her from the other side. He uses his supernatural powers to send over his slimy dick and she is able to enjoy it. After her paranormal encounter she leaves the room and soon the lament configuration (or a rubiks cube that looks like one) appears. A friend of theirs is able to open it freeing Penishead who abuses her holes.**Spoiler Alert**

Movies like The Walking Dead Hardcore Parody, Night of the Giving Head, Evil Head, and so on are movies that I love to add to my collection. I may not like them all but I love having them sitting on my shelf. Sadly, a lot of these horror porn parodies are just not as entertaining as their titles. Cockraiser is one of those films. The movie is only around 30 minutes long but it’s easily 25 minutes longer than it should be.

The acting in this one is actually better than what you would expect from a movie on Pornhub. Sure, it’s campy but it’s still leagues better than your standard fuck flick. I will say that I was virtually unaware of who April O’Neil was before this but now I’m a fan.

The story for this one takes the porn spin to the classic Hellraiser story but once the groundwork is laid the film kicks it into high gear for the fucking. Sex aside, I like what they started with the Cockraiser angle but the film doesn’t follow up with it which is understandable considering it’s a porn.

Finally, no flesh being ripped from bone in this porn parody. No blood or gore as well. Just two hot ladies and some fucking to be had with this porn parody. Overall, Cockraiser is an entertainment from a porn perspective (April O’Neil, am I right?) but for those looking for a porn parody like Evil Head will be very disappointed.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.