The King of Catalog – A Documentary on the Career of Jeff Baker

VHS is kind of making a comeback, perhaps solely due to the horror genre’s loyalty to the form of home media. Independent film-makers are releasing their flicks on VHS with limited and special editions, or as perks on fundraising campaigns. So, if there was ever going to be a home for The King of Catalog, it was going to be on a horror website.

An October County Film, The King of Catalog profiles the prolific career of Jeff Baker, who was a major player in the VHS and DVD market from the 1970’s until his retirement in 2015. A 27 minute documentary, The King of Catalog is directed and produced by Travis Baker with cinematography by Scott Buck and editing by Patrick Dixon.

It’s a retro and historic ride that’s factual and filled with photos you never thought you’d see again (in a good way). Check out The King of Catalog below.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)