The Las Vegas Sci Fi Center Honors Troma Entertainment & Lloyd Kaufman With a Special Screening of 1986’s TROMA’S WAR

Press Release Written and Submitted by John Ferri (TROMA Inc.)

The Sci Fi Center in Las Vegas, Nevada Celebrates Troma Night with a special screening of Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz’s TROMA’S WAR! Catch the first war film to combine action, sex and satire while tackling the AIDS crisis HEAD on, January 23rd at 7:30 PM!

Mr. Kaufman will be on hand to watch the film with fans and will be signing FREE autographs and taking photos with everyone in attendance!

TROMA’S WAR is Troma’s masterpiece. Directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, TROMA’S WAR is packed with gargantuan battle scenes, heart stopping stunts, and never-before-seen special effects. TROMA’S WAR is the action film that all good citizens of the world can be proud of and enjoy! TROMA’S WAR is Troma’s answer to PLATOON and APOCALYPSE NOW. It is the first war picture that combines satire, sex, special effects makeup, incredible stunts, the most squibs ever used in film history and a #FanTOXIC love story.

A small group of typical Tromaville citizens find themselves in the path of a terrorist army controlled by the power elite. The freedom of Tromaville and the world is at stake! TROMA’S WAR creates new kinds of heroes. A used car salesman, a handsome environmentalist, an obese junk-food gourmand, a seventy-year-old housewife, some sensational young women, a year old jingoistic baby and more sensational women all become deadly soldiers in the most unusual and explosive, action-packed combat film ever produced by the Troma Team.

Fans can see TROMA’S WAR for ONLY $10 on Tuesday, January 23rd at The Sci Fi Center in Las Vegas, NV at 7:30 PM!

Mr. Kaufman will also be signing FREE autographs and taking pictures with all adoring and excited fans at the Bad Dragon booth at AVN, the Adult Entertainment Expo, between Jan. 23rd and Jan. 25th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located at 4455 Paradise Road, 89169, in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Finally, for those who will still be in Nevada, there will be a special screening of the director’s cut of SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D. on Friday, Jan. 25th at Eclipse Theatres, located at 814 S. 3rd St in Las Vegas. Mr. Kaufman will be in attendance for the film, as well as the World Premiere of the newest trailer for Troma’s latest opus, #SHAKESPEARESSHITSTORM!

There will also be a special SNEAK PEEK at the long awaited sequel to SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D., KABUKIMAN RETURNS, featuring a Q&A with producer/star Doug Sakmann following the exclusive preview!

The Sci Fi Center
900 Karen Ave b209
Las Vegas, NV

Written by Blacktooth

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