At 7pmish CST Friday February 14th tune your television, tablets & smart devices to the American Horrors linear streaming channel for the 3rd annual American Horrors Film Festival TV Special shot live at the Geneva Theaters in historic downtown Lake Geneva Wisconsin to see all of the killer panels, interviews, fan shout outs, music videos, killer short horror films from the festival all streaming for one weekend only the American Horrors linear streaming channel.

“As festival director one of the best parts of my job is being able to see so many amazing horror films & videos from around the world.” said American Horrors owner, Hart D. Fisher. “An even better part, I get to share it for free this Valentine’s Weekend as a special twisted love letter to all of the American Horrors fans out there around the world.”

Best Feature Film, Best Short Film and Best Music Video winners will be all be announced during the television special by American Horrors Film Festival host Hart D. Fisher with some very surprising visits by The Dinder Brothers Circus and Magic Rob for a little DANGER DANGER (fun with needles, bed of nails & more) exclusively on American Horrors 24/7 linear streaming horror channel available free worldwide on Roku, Strictly Streaming and online at!


Friday February 14th: 7pmish CST THE BUTCHER WORLD PREMIER
Saturday February 15th: 8pmish CST THE HAG OF BLACK HOWE MOOR
Sunday February 16th: 8pmish CST WORLD PREMIER of Hart D. Fisher’s MY NAME IS NOTHING followed by The Dinder Brothers Circus & Magic Rob’s DANGER DANGER show and a brand new Gorecast & announcement of the winners.

American Horrors has been streaming 24/7 since October 2nd, 2011, when it was originally launched on billionaire Alki David’s selection of online streaming services (in direct competition with the American central Hulu online streaming service), and has gone on to become the #1 American independent linear streaming horror channel, lead by legendary Horror King, Hart D. Fisher. Original programs Gorecast, Groovey TV, Horror Show and Mission Terror air Friday & Sunday nights.

The streaming American Horrors channel is available on Roku & for free online at and

Written by Blacktooth

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