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Trashploitation – A Meowy St. Patrick’s Day (Short Review)

Director – Steve Rudzinski (CarousHELL, Red Christmas)
Starring – Steve Rudzinski, Ben Dietels (Slaughter Drive, Everyone Must Die!), and Kayla Elizabeth (Frankenstein, Night of the Living Dead)
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “Wally’s luck has just ran out”

When I started my Trashploitation series of reviews I intended it to be a home for my exploitation reviews. I absolutely love exploitation cinema and all the sub-genres of it. Sexploitation seems to be the most popular of my reviews and this brand was meant to house all of them together so I don’t clutter my horror reviews. Over the years I’ve reviewed a few kids friendly films under that label as well. That’s right, the guy that watch Dixie Ray at least a dozen times has watched a few children’s flicks.

A few days back director Steve Rudzinski reached out to review his two new installments in his Meowy series. The first two were very enjoyable and I agreed. The first on the chopping block is his A Meowy St. Patrick’s Day.

**Spoiler Alert**The film once again follows Wally (Rudzinski) who has his mind swapped with his cat Mr. Whiskers by a tall leprechaun because his father wouldn’t let him get day drunk 27 years prior. Now Wally, I mean Mr. Whiskers, and his, I mean her, new partner must find the leprechaun and reverse the curse he put on them. **Spoiler Alert**

The Meowy series is a simple concept that takes a patient filmmaker to tackle it. Rudzinski is not only pull this off once, but he does it three more times and I don’t see signs of him slowing down. A Meowy St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have as many laughs as the previous two films but I did enjoy it.

The acting in this one is similar to what we got in the previous films. The cast deliver some solid performances and the characters are all highly enjoyable. The story for this one works. One of my favorite movies growing up was Leprechauns so I have a soft spot for St. Patty’s Day movies. This film once again delivers the charm that the previous Meowy films have along with the holiday look and feel that you expect. They do work their limitations into the film such as the tall leprechaun and so forth. It works and doesn’t take that much away from the film.

Finally, no blood and guts here. Instead, you get some cute animals, funny characters, and a story that I would have loved as a kid. Overall, A Meowy St. Patrick’s Day is a fun flick for the whole family. The film is not too long and is the right length for the story given. If you like fun characters and extremely tall leprechauns then this is the film for you. You can watch it now on Amazon!



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