Clownado (Review)

Director – Todd Sheets (Bonehill Road, Dreaming Purple Neon)
Starring – John O’Hara (Ouija Death Trap, Sleepless Nights), Rachel Lagen (Crave: Roots of Evil, Dreaming Purple Neon), and Bobby Westrick (Goblin, Madhouse)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “It’s about to get twisted”

I apologize about my lack of reviews the last week or so. I started my ten day vacation and decided to take a break from writing reviews. I still enjoy writing them after almost a decade of doing this but sometimes I over do it and the fun feels more like a chore. Anyway, with my vacation coming to an end I decided to get back into my writing. I wanted to stay indie for a few movies and had myself a little Wild Eye releasing marathon. The first on the chopping block is the 2019 horror comedy from director Ted Sheets, Clownado. Sheets is no stranger to my reviews and the movies of his I have reviewed are split. Regardless, I want to thank Wild Eye for sending this one over!

**Spoiler Alert** The film begins with a young woman engaging in a secret affair when she is caught by her gangster husband that earns a living as a clown. He kills his wife’s lover and she flees the big top life. However, the horror isn’t behind her. A curse befalls her husband and the other clowns at the circus and they are swept up by a tornado where they follow and torment her along with the small town she finds herself in. **Spoiler Alert**

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like Clownado. I like goofy horror flicks but Clownado just looked like something that was a drunken idea that got a few laughs and rushed into production. However, I found myself really enjoying this one. It still very well could be a drunken idea brought to life but it still entertained which is more than I can say for other clown films previously reviewed.

The acting in this one is very inconsistent but that doesn’t take away from the overall film. John O’Hara delivers my favorite performance in the entire film. His character is very intense and he goes above and beyond to make his scenes memorable. Also, I really enjoyed Rachel Lagen and Dilynn Fawn Harvey’s performance. Their beautiful but strong female leads really worked in the film’s favor.

We also get a cameo from adult film legend Jeanne Silver. It was awesome seeing her in a genre film. The supporting cast is solid but some of their performances are a little underwhelming or their characters are painfully flat. This sometimes happens with a film of this type. We get so many characters with well written backstories and different personalities but on the backside you notice some characters are more developed than others.

The story for this one is extremely ridiculous but it’s the kind of ridiculous you can enjoy. Who doesn’t love a no budget wild ride with clowns, tornadoes, and Cayt Feinic’s killer knockers? With that being said, a few scenes do drag on with a little unnecessary dialogue. A little tighter editing would help smoothen out the flow of the film.

Finally, this one isn’t the bloodiest indie film I’ve seen but we do get some blood here and there along with some fun make-up effects. The killer knockers were my favorite gag in the film but there is several other memorable moments scattered throughout. Overall, Clownado is a film that will leave you feeling let down if you take it seriously. However, if you give it a go with a few beers and some friends you will find yourself having some fun and a few cheap laughs. Pick it up now on DVD from Wild Eye releasing.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.

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