Blu Review – Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (Full Moon Entertainment)

Director – Ken Dixon (Zombiethon, The Best of Sex and Violence)
Starring – Elizabeth Kaitan (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Vice Academy Part 3), Cindy Beal (Dragon Ball GT, My Chauffeur), and Don Scribner (Future Force, Twisted Justice)
Release Date – 1987
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 2.5/5

Tagline – “Big movie. Big production. Big girls”

After my indie horror marathon I decided to mix it up some. I wanted to check out some movies I had never seen before and decided to watch a few Full Moon films that were released on blu within the last year or so. However, before I started I wanted to revisit a childhood favorite of mine from Full Moon’s sister company Moon Beam. After watching Prehysteria I looked through my Full Moon titles and decided the first on the chopping block would be the 1987 sci-fi film Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity. This is one I had always heard about but never took the time to check it out. I want to thank Full Moon for sending this one over for me to review!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows two beautiful slaves who escape captivity. They travel through space until they find a planet to stop at. What they don’t know is that the evil man inhabiting the castle the find is keen on hunting those that he finds and uses their heads as trophies. Now they must survive, and help the others like them that landed there looking for sanctuary, before they lose their heads. **Spoiler Alert**

This is one of those films I had bought over the years but never got around to watching. I wasn’t expecting to see a new favorite Full Moon flick but I did expect something fun, sleazy, and cheesy…which is what I got. Nothing knew, groundbreaking or original but it did hit the spot.

The acting for this one is what you would expect coming from a low budget movie released by Full Moon in the late 80s. The cast is solid but the characters are painfully cheesy and cliched. The characters are fun but there is plenty of room for entertaining personalities to come through.

The story for this one is not your typical sci-fi flick. It does have some horror elements tossed in throughout like the man hunting people and so on. I actually really enjoyed the story for what it is but the dialogue is my biggest complaint. It was so boring and made some of the scenes a little rough to sit through. The character interactions feel forced and unnatural making them slow the film down.

Finally, the film does have some solid practical effects but there is some scenes where they are used ineffectively. One scene that really stands out to me is the scene where he removes the head from the body. There was no blood and, though the effects are solid, the lack of blood and the approach it took made it look laughable. Aside from this, I enjoyed the costumes, practical effects, and the prosthetics. Overall, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity is a solid sci-fi flick with beautiful women, awesome sets, and gorgeous costumes. The dialogue is boring but it doesn’t ruin the film. The blu looks great but could use some special features for those out that there really enjoy the film.

Special Features:
Tribute to Elizabeth Kaitan

Written by Blacktooth

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