Jason Paul Collum’s Queer Horror Film OCTOBER MOON and Sequel Is now Available on Blu

15 years ago an indie film company known for genre-bending, counterculture titles took a chance on a subgenre not yet created: Gay-themed horror. The result was October Moon, an instant success which led to an immediate and devout cult following, critical praise, coverage in U.S. and international magazines, theatrical screenings on college campuses, and worldwide release in multiple languages. Its importance on social culture was even theorized in the college academic journal “Queer Horror: Sexuality and Masculinity at the Margins” (I.B. Tauris, 2016). This tale of a deadly love triangle critics labeled “Gaytal Attraction” has spawned scores of imitators, annual Halloween viewing parties, and with its sequel October Moon 2: November Son it became the world’s first gay horror franchise.

In this 15th Anniversary Edition double-feature set, October Moon follows an engaged straight man who becomes obsessed with his gay male boss. Confused and rejected by all those who discover his truth, his sanity unravels until he decides his boss will become his at any cost. October Moon 2: November Son picks up two years later as the survivors attempt to own their roles in the blood soaked results, unaware someone is out for revenge.

Judith O’Dea (Night of the Living Dead, The Pirates, Safe Inside, Claustrophobia)
Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre, Three Amigos, Spinal Tap, Psycho III)
Debbie Rochon (Tromeo & Juliet, The Toxic Avenger IV, Return to Nuke ‘Em High)
Robyn Griggs (One Life to Live, Another World, Dead Clowns, Hellweek)
Jeff Dylan Graham (Selena, Hellgate, Southern Gothic, Beyond the Dunwich Horror)
Tina Ona Paukstelis (Aswang: The Unearthing, The Legend Trip, Safe Inside)
Darcey Vanderhoef (Mega Scorpions, Bad Movie Police, 5 Dark Souls, The Frightening)
Karen Dilloo (Mark of the Devil 666, Safe inside, Femme Fatales model)
Jerod Howard (Home Alone III, Cupid, Chicago Fire, The Chauffer)
and singer Sacha Sacket in his screen debut
Written & Directed by Jason Paul Collum (Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era)

Original Soundtrack featuring “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” by Pretty Poison
Poison Pumpkins: Looking Back at October Moon 1 & 2
2005 & 2008 Making-of documentaries
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