#Shakespeare’s Shitstorm (Review)

Director – Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead)
Starring – Lloyd Kaufman, Erin Patrick Miller (The Jungle of Accounting, Cash Only), and Abraham Sparrow (I Am Legend, My Super Ex Girlfriend)
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 4/5

Vinegar Syndrome, Wild Eye Releasing, Full Moon Pictures, Blue Underground and so are just a few of the companies that I love. I want to own all their releases and spend most of my time watching their films. However, as much as I love these companies they are nothing compared to Troma. Troma was my first movie love and I can credit Lloyd Kaufman for shaping my tastes in movies.

When Kaufman and Troma announced filming for #Shakespeare’s Shitstorm I couldn’t wait. Troma could do no wrong with me and I waited patiently until recently. I was speaking with director Brandan Brassham about his upcoming Slashening sequel when he sent over a link to check out SS. Thanks Brandon and Troma for allowing me the opportunity to check out this unforgettable film.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a brilliant but oblivious scientist that has spent his life dedicated to helping those in need. However, his greedy sister and business partner cut him out of their business when he finds a cure for addiction. Now, many years later, he has built a secret lab in New Jersey and plans on seeking revenge on those that shunned him.**spoiler Alert**

Lloyd doesn’t make movies for everyone. He makes movies for people that enjoy to have fun and laugh at the movie, as well as, with it. He views all movies as art and understands that sometimes movie goers wants to have fun. SS is a testament that Uncle Lloyd knows how to give weirdo movie fans what they want. #Shakespeare’s Shitstorm is messy, funny, and just when you think you’ve seen it all he throws something else at you. This is a movie unlike anything you have seen before.

The acting in this one is far from perfect but that’s what makes a Troma production so much fun. The characters are energetic, exciting, and so much fun to watch. They are unforgettable and, even though Lloyd can be demanding on set, it looks like the cast really had fun with their roles. We get some great performances from some fresh faces, as well as, some returning Troma alumni.

From my understanding this one is loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I elected out of Shakespeare’s work in high school so I don’t know shit about his stories or plays. However, I do know that Troma delivered one of the most outlandish and oddball stories I’ve seen in recent years. The film is overflowing with Troma’s crude and offensive humor while being a satirical comedy that holds nothing back. No topic is off limits and some will find the film offensive. If you are one of these people then you clearly missed the point of the film. The musical portions of the film is evenly spaced out as to not over do it and the story itself unfolds very smoothly.

Finally, the film has plenty of practical effects for classic horror fans and fans of Troma alike. We get some great blood and gore effects along with so many amazing looking puppets that, once again, brand the Troma humor. The make-up effects look great and are in the running for best of the year. Overall, #Shakespeare’s Shitstorm is like no other. The film is everything a Troma fan could ask for. Lloyd once again shows why Troma has a dedicated following and #Shakespeare’s Shitstorm is the best film of 2020. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS FILM. Every second is entertaining.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.